About Daniel Tinus


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I’m Daniel Tinus and I am seeking to be your voice as we demand a return to Constitutional limited government, strong states’ rights, and maximum personal liberty.

I am a faithful husband and father of 3, with 2 grandchildren, and a 37 year record of service to our nation, state, and community. My wife and I are Army Veterans who met while serving in North Africa and the Mideast.

deb and dan

We wed at Fort Sam Houston in 1985 in San Antonio where we lived and worked. After visiting the Gulf Coast, we fell in love with the area but mostly the people as we share the same values of hard work, honesty, and love of life and liberty. We found where we wanted to build our life.

We sold our home and moved here in 1989 and immediately began serving our community. We work in children’s programs at our church from driving the church bus to teaching classes. Many children were from broken homes and a few suffered from abuse and neglect. Because of this, I worked with our local judges to help bring child advocacy here to represent children in court while in CPS (Child Protection Services) care. teachingI became one of the first child advocate volunteers to swear in this area and have served in this capacity for over 10 years. Two times a month I collected pallets of food, diapers, and supplies in Waco to distribute to needy families through my church. We feed, clothe, and open our home for those in need personally and through many private organizations. I funded this through my work as an architectural designer, designing and constructing commercial and residential buildings as well as other structures from grain elevators to boats. I also worked with TXDOT designing, estimating and supervising construction of roads, bridges and other infrastructure in the 100’s of millions.

house build 6We literally built our own home paying as we went. Though I made a comfortable living I once again saw a need in our children’s education. Though it was a huge pay cut and a giant sacrifice, I began teaching engineering classes in High School and have been doing so for the last 18 years. I teach the value of education and marketable skills, life lessons of honesty and ethics, hard work and free market principles, and living beyond just ones self.

I take great pleasure in the success of others and enjoy being an instrument of real change. It’s ironic because I always felt if you want to make real lasting change, then get into teaching because change begins in the heart. If you want to force your will, get into politics and make laws. So why am I seeking to be your Representative? Simply put, to afford everyone every opportunity to live life to the fullest as they deem fit without coercion or force. The libertarian principles of my party dove tail with the values I hold as a Christian. Jesus advocated free will, not force. Living a life as you deem fit and respecting others rights to do the same. Being a cheerful willing giver. Do not envy, steal or covet others success, work hard and support yourself, your family and help others. It is our responsibility, not the government’s to help those in need. Government has been a hindrance to this end and must return to its Constitutional limits and live within its means as we take back our God-given rights. I trust you to do the right thing without force and I hope I can earn your trust as we work to restore our faith in our government.


Political ad paid for by Daniel Tinus


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