On the Issues

A Platform for All to Stand

It has been said that “all politics is local.” Well, it doesn’t get any more local then you, the individual. When seeking public office, every candidate must answer the basic question: “What can you do for me?” I’m not a politician, and I don’t have anything to give except my commitment to protect our shared principles. I will work to return what is rightfully ours: our God given liberty to live as we see fit. I will do this through restoring and protecting the Constitutional principles of:


  • Maximum Personal Liberty
  • Strong States’ Rights
  • Limited Government


Protection of Personal Liberty through policies that do not restrict your right to speech, faith, protection, property, privacy, and keeping what you earn and buying what you want. To live, believe, do, worship, and support what you want without coercion or force.

Protect you from individuals, groups, or governments that interfere with your liberties and right to self-determination.

Work to strengthen The State of Texas by enforcing the 10th amendment right to Constitutional self-governance.

Enforce our right to control our State and remove unconstitutional Federal mandates, regulations, and restrictions that interfere with Texas’ right to self-determination and governance.

Restore Constitutional limits to our Federal government, reclaim our rights, and reestablish the people’s faith in the contract we have with our government.

Simply follow and enforce the law equally, or remove, or change the law. We are a Constitutional Republic; a nation of laws, not “biggest bully on the block rules.”

A solid return to sound fiscal policy, where we live within our means and begin paying down the $21 trillion debt that mortgage ours and our kid’s future. Even a new born owes over $66,000.00!

Sound monetary policy that ends the control of private banks and the IRS collection agency that caused the debt, devalue our dollar, and made Washington D.C. the wealthiest city in our nation.

End needless foreign interventionism both financially and militarily. Take care of our families first and give from abundance, not debt.

Advocate and encourage free market and individual solutions through innovation, competition, and regulations that only serve the public.

Promote free trade and the liberty to buy what you want from who you want, increase competition, consumer choice, and drive down cost.

Remove regulation, tax breaks, and subsidies that favor select corporations that limit choice and innovation, while encouraging corporate welfare and cronyism. If corporations have nothing to gain from the government, their reason to lobby and support political favor will dry up.

Liberty is the solution, not the problem!


Political ad paid for by Daniel Tinus

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